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Deck Restoration

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Deck Restoration

Here is a before and after picture of a deck restoration Pressure Pros completed, in Elizabethtown, for a real estate company we work for.  The owner tried to use Deck Over or Deck Restore to hide the beat up wood on his deck.  I caution everyone looking into these products, to prep your deck and apply the product, exactly how the manufacturer recommends.  I have seen numerous decks, that have these products, peeling up in big pieces.  It is normally impossible to fix.  Pressure washing and sanding will get some of it off but not enough to apply a different type of stain.  Luckily, this home owner applied it so thin, we were able to sand it all off.  After the wood was sanded down to like-new condition we applied a solid color by Arbor Coat.  We typically use high end stain for our deck restorations.  For just a few extra dollars a gallon, this stain holds up much better then a product you might find at a big department store.

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