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House Washing

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House Washing

Soft-House Wash Technique

Pressure Pros does not use any harmful pressure when washing a house.  Using excessive pressure can cause a lot of damage to your home.  It can blow off your siding, break windows, damage wood, and get water into places that are supposed to remain dry.  It is always a good practice to question the contractor on what type of washing method they use.

Pressure Pros has mastered the soft wash technique.  We use very low pressure to apply a cleaning solution to remove mold, mildew, algae, moss, and airborne contaminants.  We follow up with a low pressure rinse, leaving your home spotless.  This method is safe, fast, and effective.  It safes us time and money and it leaves your home in like-new condition.

Our customers can never believe how fast we clean.  We always get comments like this: “Man! the last people we hired were here all day and still didn’t get it as clean as you guys.  We will have you back every year!”

See for yourselves!  If you are not satisfied you do not Pay.  Call Now (502)991-1594

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