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Louisville Roof Cleaning

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Louisville Roof Cleaning

Defeat those unsightly black streaks with Pressure Pros Roof Cleaning Solutions.

The black streaks, visible on many roofs across the southern region of the United States, is an Algae known as gloeocapsa magma.  The algae grows in humid climates and forms where moisture tends to dwell on roof surfaces.  The algae spores are carried by the wind or by animals and can quickly spread from one rooftop to another.  That is why it is typical to see algae growth on rooftops throughout an affected neighborhood.  The algae discoloration begins as small spots then quickly transforms into streaks on the roof plane.

Moss growth is also common on roofs in the Louisville area and tends to grow on north facing roof planes.  The North side of roofs receive less direct sunlight and stay damp longer.  Moss spores can also be carried by wind and animals and can easily spread throughout neighborhoods.  Moss can be very detrimental to the performance of asphalt shingles.  Moss can cause the edges of singles to lift or curl, increasing the risk of wind damage.  It can also cause lateral water movement resulting in moisture damage to the roof deck or may even cause leaks.

Steps to prevent moss and algae growth:

  • Trim tree branches back to allow more sunlight to reach the roof.
  • Clear away accumulated debris, that blocks water flow, regularly.
  • Keep Gutters Clean to promote proper water drainage.

If you already have moss or algae (black streaks), give Pressure Pros a call @ 502-991-1594.  We do not use any pressure that can cause granule loss causing premature failure of the roof systems.  We simply apply our roof cleaning detergent that makes the black streaks disappear before we leave your property.  Satisfaction guaranteed!


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